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Standard Features
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The new Puma Series tractors are all about efficiency. With four models, ranging from 95 to 135 PTO horsepower, Puma tractors provide the right size and power for a wide variety of crop and livestock operations. Whether it’s pulling hay tools, operating a loader, or using it for row crop applications, the Puma tractors’ outstanding weight-to-horsepower ratio delivers the precise power you need for peak efficiency and fuel economy.

Case IH Puma™ Series tractors are ideal for utility, livestock and mid-sized cash grain operations.


Case IH
Model Year
Puma™ 155


118.3 in. (3,005 mm) to top of cab
Estimated Shipping: 13,669 lbs. (6,200 kg)
Standard Front Axle: 107.8 in. (2,739 mm)
Suspended Front Axle: 109.7 in. (2,786 mm)


Engine Type
24 valve
411 L
Turbocharged and air to air
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
79 gal. (300 l)


Transmission Type
Full power shift
Transmission Speed
25 mph (40 km/h)
Number of Speeds


120A / 12V
960 CCA


Hydraulic System
Closed center, pressure flow compensating
Standard Pump Flow
Main / Implement: 26.5 gal/min (100 l/min)
Maximum Pump Flow
Total: 43.7 gpm (165 l/min)


Glass: 58.7 sq. ft. (5.45 sq. m)
Sound Level: 72 dBA


Power Take-Off
540 / 1000 rpm, 1-3/8 in. (35 mm)
PTO Horsepower
135 hp (100.7 kW) @ 2,200 rpm

Standard Features

 Field proven, responsive six-cylinder, 6.75 l (411-CID) Case IH Puma™ engines are efficient, quiet and durable.  
    Rated engine working speed of 2,200 rpm  
    Turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled  
    Four valves per cylinder  
      Improved fuel economy and power  
    Tier III certified  
 Case IH 6.75 l engine  
 Full-authority, four-valve, common-rail, electronic fuel injection system provides maximum efficiency for the lowest possible operating costs.  
 Power Boost provides extra power for mobile PTO and hydraulic applications, and during roading.  
    Up to 35 hp (26.1 kW) Power Boost in select Puma models  
      Move through tough crop conditions without losing productivity  
      Handle steep grades without losing speed  
 Rated for up to 100% biodiesel blend (B100) when approved Case IH maintenance procedures are followed  
 Either transmission option makes it easy to operate Puma™ tractors at maximum speed and efficiency:.  
    Full Powershift transmission with automatic shifting is standard on all models except the Puma 225  
    Puma 225 comes standard with a new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)  
      CVT optional on the Puma 165 - 210  
      CVT models feature the DieselSaver™ Auto Productivity Management (APM) system for outstanding fuel economy  
 18 x 6 Full Powershift Transmission  
 Standard on all models but the Puma 225. It uses a patented torque-sensing system on the tractor flywheel to measure:  
    Engine speed  
    Transmission torque loading  
 The Powershift transmission improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by changing speed depending on:  
    Engine rpm  
    Transmission loading  
    Forward speed  
 Standard AutoShift™ setting for both field operation and road speeds provides automatic shifting based on load.  
    Auto Field mode shifts up or down automatically based on engine speed and driveline torque  
    Auto Road mode shifts sequentially through the top seven gears so the shift pattern corresponds to engine torque and throttle position  
 Optional 19th EconoGear™ economy transport gear reduces engine speed in 19th gear for additional improved fuel economy at top road speeds.  
 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)  
 CVT delivers unprecedented levels of fuel efficiency at all working speeds, from creep through top road speeds. Advanced design adapted from more than a decade of Case IH CVT engineering expertise in Europe, adapted specifically for North American producers.  
    Standard on the new Puma 225  
    Optional on the Puma 165 - 210  
 New DieselSaver™ Auto Productivity Management (APM) system, standard with Puma models, features CVT.  
    Up to 25% fuel savings depending on application  
    Operator sets ground speed, then APM adjusts to ensure the best balance of power and fuel efficiency  
    Stores up to three pre-set speed ranges  
    Easy to switch between ranges  
 Active Stop Control, standard with CVT, reduces operator effort through easier starts and stops on inclines in the field and on the road – without the need to clutch.  
 MFD Axle  
 All Puma tractors feature a standard heavy-duty MFD axle.  
 The optional suspended front axle technology includes:  
    A suspended front axle (Puma 115 - 155)  
      Uses automatic self-leveling and controlled shock dampening technology for superior ride and traction  
    Puma 165 - 225 models incorporate Smart Suspension MFD axle technology  
      Reacts based on speed and severity of the drop or bump  
      Better ride  
      Improved performance across furrows and with heavy loads in the front bucket  
 The high-flow hydraulic system handles varied hydraulic demands and is adapted to the requirements of today’s:  
    Remote hydraulic motors  
 A Cat. II/IIIN 3-point hitch has up to a 12,185 lb. (5,527 kg) lift capacity in the larger Puma™ models, with a 15,837 lb. (7,200 kg) option.  
 The high-capacity, closed-center pressure-flow compensating hydraulic system includes a main implement pump and a separate 17 gpm (66 lpm) steering and services pump.  
    The standard main implement pump delivers up to:  
      31.7 gpm (120 lpm) for long wheelbase (LWB) Puma 165 - 225  
      26.5 gpm (100 lpm) for the standard wheelbase (SWB) Puma 115 - 155  
      Total flow equals 48.7 gpm (186 lpm) for Puma LWB models or 43.5 gpm (166 lpm) for SWB models  
    An optional 39.6 gpm (150 lpm) main pump is available on the LWB models to increase total tractor hydraulic flow to 56.6 gpm (216 lpm)  
 New hydraulic remote valves increase flow at the remotes:  
    Three or four standard mechanical remotes with selectable detents  
    Or up to five optional electro-hydraulic remotes  
      Up to four available on SWB models  
    Hydraulic mode switches can be tailored to a specific configuration  
      New optional rear-fender-mounted control switch allows handy activation of a frequently used hydraulic circuit (No. 1) from a conveniently accessible ground-level location  
 Cat. II/IIIN 3-point hitch features standard:  
    12,787 lb. (5,800 kg) lift capacity on the long wheelbase (LWB) Puma 165 - 210  
    Standard wheelbase (SWB) Puma 115 - 155 feature a 12,185 lb. (5,527 kg) lift capacity  
 Optional 15,873 lb. (7,200 kg) hitch lift capacity on LWB models for loads generated by larger implements (15,197 lb. or 6,893 kg on the SWB models)  
 Standard rear fender-mounted hitch raise / lower switches for easy positioning of the hitch from the ground.  
    Saves time in hookup and unhooking of 3-point implements  
 Standard 540 / 1,000-rpm PTO features soft-start modulation protection and an interchangeable 1-3/8 in. (35 mm) shaft:  
    6-spline, 540 rpm  
    21-spline, 1,000 rpm  
    Optional on the Puma 165 - 210 is a 1,000 rpm PTO with 1-3/4 in. (44 mm), 20-spline shaft  
 CVT models come standard with 1,000 / 1,000E PTO:  
    1,000E mode at 1,700 rpm to save fuel in less demanding operations  
    1,000 mode at 1,900 rpm for heavier conditions  
 Fender-mounted PTO control switch allows you to turn off the PTO without getting back into the cab.  
 Auto PTO Management option automatically turns the PTO on or off at a predetermined height of the 3-point hitch:  
    Reduces operator effort  
    Protects PTO driveline components  
 Front hitch and PTO option increases versatility and productivity.  
 The 58.7 sq. ft. (5.3 sq. m) of glass wrapping the Puma™ SurroundVision™ cab provides outstanding sight lines, while the cab size and layout create an environment that encourages productivity.  
 Adding to operator efficiency are:  
    Multi-Control™ armrest (Puma 165 - 225)  
    Power Shuttle  
    End-of-row function  
    Turn Assist  
 The SurroundVision cab is loaded with standard features to make operators more efficient and comfortable:  
    58.7 sq. ft. (5.45 sq. m) of cab glass  
    Deluxe air-ride seat  
      Adjustable armrests for outstanding comfort  
    Standard tilt and telescoping steering column  
      Custom fit each operator  
    Digital instrument center on the cab right-hand "A" post  
    Standard lighting package for safe nighttime operation  
      Eight front / four rear for long wheelbase (LWB) models  
      Six front / four rear for standard wheelbase (SWB) models  
 Options include:  
    Unique high-visibility roof panel for sight-line to raised bucket  
      The panel opens to provide ventilation  
      Equipped with a sliding internal cover to completely close off the window  
    Suspended cab for ultra-smooth ride  
    Positive-Response™ suspended seat adjusts to the roughness of the ride (Puma 165 - 225)  
      Heated for the ultimate operator comfort  
    Red leather luxury seat (Puma 165 - 225) with heat and Positive-Response suspended seat technology  
    A full-size training seat with backrest to the left of the operator  
    Rear cab storage – an extra compartment to the rear left side of the operator’s seat for personal items, phones or implement manuals  
    Automatic climate control  
    Electric mirrors to help spot grain carts, harvesters and other action  
    Optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) package for the ultimate nighttime lighting  
 Standard Multi-Control armrest (Puma 165 - 225) allows fingertip control of the Puma:  
    End-of-row function  
 It builds on the ergonomic Magnum™ and Steiger® controls concept featuring an integrated gear / throttle control handle in the latest generation of Case IH control technology.  
 Additional Multi-Control armrest features include:  
    Optional electrical armrest adjustment for quick, easy positioning  
    Optional electronic joystick integrated into armrest for simultaneous control of optional third mid-mount functions such as loader grapple  
    Programmable end-of-row function  
    Selectable left or right-hand power shuttle to engage on-the-go forward / reverse shuttling  
    Optional Turn Assist steering system for rapid “lock to lock” steering response  
 Puma is capable of incorporating full Case IH AFS® precision farming functions through the AFS AccuGuide™ Ready option:  
    AFS Pro 600 color display option to manage autoguidance  
    Field Performer application to monitor key tractor functions  
 Simple Puma™ servicing reduces downtime and lowers cost of ownership by making access to maintenance points convenient – even with a front loader installed.  
 All service points are centrally located to save even more time. Serviceability is improved through features including:  
    Easy-opening hood  
    Convenient service steps and cab service access doorsnitor key tractor functions  
 Service Ease  
 A single-piece, flip-up hood provides full access to:  
    Air cleaner  
    Air conditioner condenser  
    Hydraulic oil cooler  
    Air-to-air intercooler  
 More features to make service easy:  
    Swing out coolers and radiator  
    A large front toolbox  
    Remote jump-start battery terminal (Puma 165 - 225)  
      Placed above the engine starter on the right-hand side for easy connection  
    A single Poly-Vee belt drives the fan, alternator and water pump, reducing the number of belts, improving reliability and simplifying maintenance  
 Extended 600-hour engine oil filter / drain service interval lowers maintenance costs and saves time.  

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